Interesting Facts about Your Chandler Corian® Countertop

You may have chosen Corian® countertops because they look nice or they fit your budget. Or perhaps you’re thinking about installing Corian® for some of the same reasons.

Countertops may not seem that interesting, but when you buy Corian®, you are investing in a fascinating material with an interesting history.

Interesting Facts about Your Chandler Corian® Countertop

Interesting Facts about Your Chandler Corian® Countertop

Knowing more about your Corian® countertops may not only teach you a few fun facts but it will also make it easier for you to care for your countertops and lengthen their life.
Chandler, Arizona

Here are a few interesting things you might not know about your Corian® countertops:

Corian® is a New Material

Well, relatively new. It was discovered by DuPont only 40 years ago. Since then, it has become a very popular countertop choice in Chandler homes, thanks to its look and its durability.

It is a Blended Material

Though Corian® may mimic the look of stone, it is actually a blend of acrylic polymers and aggregate material. Stone bits can be included, as can bits of glass or other material.

It Can Take Any Shape

Because Corian® is created through this blending process, they can take just about any shape. The blend is poured into a mold with the shape that you want, and it hardens in place.

Corian® Has No Seams

So long as a mold can be made that is big enough for the piece you need, Corian® does not have any seams. You won’t have to worry about stains and bacteria getting trapped in seams or grout lines, the way you would with some other countertops.

It Comes in More than 100 Colors

Natural stone like granite or travertine comes in a limited number of colors. Since Corian® is a blended material, it can be made in more than 100 colors. Numerous visual textures are also available, such as marbling and striations that mimic the look of other stone.

The Color is Consistent Throughout

If you break open a block of granite, the inside will look markedly different from the outside. Not so for Corian. It is called “solid surface” material because it is the same all the way through the thickness of the countertop. The inside looks just like the outside. Therefore, scratches and other damage won’t show up as noticeably on these countertops. And if they do a local Chandler Corian® countertop repair professional can easily fix them.

A Corian­® Sink Can Be Seamlessly Included with the Counter

Since Corian® can be molded into any shape, you can also get a sink that is seamlessly integrated into the countertop. The sink and counter will be one unit with the same color, pattern, and durable characteristics.

You Can Get a Coordinated Corian® Backsplash

Corian®’s durable properties make it an ideal choice for backsplashes also. You can coordinate your backsplash with your countertop by making it all one big piece, or you can choose a complementary color or pattern from a separate piece.

Corian® is Moisture-Resistant

Corian® is a non-porous surface, so it does not allow liquids to easily penetrate. Not only does Corian® resist stains from liquids, but it also resists warping and the growth of bacteria. The material lasts longer and is easier to keep clean than wood or stone.

It is Impact-Resistant

You can drop a heavy pan on your Corian® countertop without worry about damage. The countertop is not invincible, so if you drop something heavy enough, it may get a small nick or scratch. However, it resists most impact damage from items commonly used in your kitchen.

It Has a Long Life Span

Corian® is expected to last your entire life with the right maintenance and care. Some manufacturers even back up this claim with a lifetime warranty.

AZ Countertop Repair and Refinishing provides the maintenance and repair services you need to keep your Corian® countertops in great shape for years to come. Our affordable and experienced Chandler countertop repair and refinishing technicians can buff out surface stains or fill deeper scratches and gouges. Our technicians will also share tips and advice on things you can do at home to prevent damage and preserve the beauty of your Corian® surfaces, including the right products to use. Call us today to schedule a consultation for your maintenance or repair work, and learn first-hand why we are the go-to experts for Corian® repair in the Chandler area and beyond.

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