Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What qualifications does AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing posses?
A: Richard Kaiser, the Owner of AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing, is a 30 year Corian® countertop contractor, with experience in every aspect of solid surface counters imaginable, and many which were in fact quite unimaginable.
Q: Is AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing A Licensed Contractor?
A: AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing is not a licensed contractor, but is legally allowed to perform work under the handyman clause in the Arizona Revised Statutes.
Q: Is AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing able to repair any countertop, Corian®, Granite, Cracked, Scratched, etc… ?
A: Every counter and the damage to it is unique. Richard prefers to do an onsite inspection and estimate for each job, as the countertops in question may have wear or damage to them which cannot be repaired, requiring replacement, though we do generally prefer to repair when feasible.
Q: How often do I need to replace my countertops?
A: With proper care and sealing, countertops can last beyond your lifetime. Most quality countertops are made of a solid surface, such as stone or marble, which can be buffed down, and new virgin layers exposed over and over. If you then properly seal the entire slab, there is no limit on the lifespan of these building materials.