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Simply replacing your kitchen sink can greatly improve the look of your counter space and your enjoyment of your kitchen. A stylish, up-to-date sink can give you more room for cleaning and come with accessories that make your work a little easier.

Depending on the kind of sink you had before, you might have to make some big changes to your counter tops when installing the new one. If you have a high-quality counter top like Corian®, you want to call in the professionals to make sure that the job is done right without damaging your counters. The experts at AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing can replace your kitchen sink or install a new one and make all the necessary changes to your counter top without compromising the quality of the material.

Replace your grungy corian sink today!Professional sink removal by AZ Countertop Repair & RefinishingSink plumbing replaced too!Brand new beautiful sink installed by Richard Kaiser

Our sink replacement services in Arizona include cutting a larger hole for a bigger sink or modifying the shape of the hole for a different shape or style of sink. Of course, we can also cut a new hole for a new sink installation. Professional tools and techniques must be used to ensure that your Corian® counter top is not chipped, scratched or otherwise damaged.

Our technicians can also cut out smaller holes for accessories such as soap dispensers, spray nozzles, secondary faucets and more. These smaller holes require a special touch and specialized tools, and our experienced contractors will perform the job expertly. Our team can make new holes seamlessly without damaging your Corian® counter top. When we’re done with your sink replacement or new sink installation, the only thing you’ll see is a beautiful new sink on a gorgeous Corian® counter top.

Call AZ Countertop Repair & Refinishing today for all your sink replacement needs. We work with homeowners and business owners throughout the valley.

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