What Can You Do about Your Cracked Corian Countertop?

Corian is a durable and beautiful material that is a popular choice for countertops. It can look as beautiful as granite, quartz, and other high-end materials, and it can come a larger variety of colors. It is also a durable material, but it is not indestructible. You have to take care with it, or you could be calling in a professional for Corian countertop refinishing.

If you do get a crack or light scratch in your Corian countertop, here are a few things you can do for your Arizona Corian countertop repair:

What Can You Do about Your Cracked Corian Countertop?

Check the Warranty

The first thing you should do after you notice any damage to your Corian countertop is to check the warranty. DuPont offers a 10-year warranty on Corian, so you should figure out the date that you had your countertop installed. Dig up your receipt, your registration card, your warranty information, or anything else that will help you date the countertop and prove your warranty claim.

Submit your claim to DuPont, and they will take care of the rest – assuming the damage falls under the warranty.

Contact a Professional

If your repair is not covered by the DuPont warranty, or if the warranty period has expired, you should look for a local Corian countertop repair professional in Mesa. These professionals have been specially trained and certified in repairing Corian countertops. They will use the right tools, the right materials, and the right techniques to make the repair quickly and to have the countertop looking as good as new.

A crack may require some filling, or if it’s light enough, it may be able to be buffed out. Talk to the professional about the options and what will get you the best results.

DIY Methods

Plenty of DIY kits are available to repair your Corian countertops yourself. While you can use these, we do not recommend it. Without the proper training, you are more liable to create additional damage to your countertop, which can result in more expensive repairs. If you try to fix your countertop yourself, you can also void your warranty if the countertop is still covered.

DIY kits typically provide a filler material that you would put into the crack and allow to harden. You would then sand the area smooth. However, it is possible for the crack to continue forming long after the initial crack is filled. That’s because you haven’t addressed the underlying structural problem that the crack has created. By calling a Gilbert Corian repair professional, you can be sure that the crack will be corrected and you won’t suffer further problems.

Take Preventive Measures

You don’t need to do much to keep your Corian looking great, but you do need to take a few preventive measures to ensure that no new cracks or other damage forms. Keep high temperature items off the countertop, as these can cause the material to expand and then crack when it reaches the cooler, solid material and has nowhere else to go. Use trivets and potholders for hot pans and spoons.

Also, be careful putting down anything too heavy too quickly. You can also cause damage by putting down something with too much force or by putting down a heavy object.

With the right care, Corian can last for decades, providing you a beautiful and durable countertop. If you do have any accidents that result in damage, be sure that you only call a professional for your Corian countertop scratch repair or Corian refinishing. The professionals are trained in the right techniques to use for long-term results.

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