The Primary Differences between Quartz and Corian Countertops


Choose the Countertop For Your Needs

Quartz and Corian are both popular choices for kitchen countertops. They make for beautiful surfaces that are both long-lasting and relatively low maintenance. However, these are two very different materials, both in terms of their structure and their performance.
Quartz is a manmade material similar to the natural stone, quartzite. Quartz shares about 93 percent of the crystals found in quartzite, but they are bound together with different resins and dyes, rather than natural materials.

Corian is a solid-surface material invented in the late 1960s. The material is comprised of mineral dust and pigments bound together by resins. Corian was introduced as an alternative to laminate countertops, which were wildly popular in the 1970s. Corian had a beautiful look, but it cost much less.
The differences between Corian and quartz don’t stop at their composition. Here’s a closer look at how these two materials compare:

Beautiful Quartz Countertop In Arizona

Choose a Durable Countertop

A lot of activity takes place in the kitchen, and much of it on the countertops. You need a strong material for your countertops to withstand the damage that activity might cause.
Quartz is a durable material that is resistant to just about all types of damage that are common to kitchen countertops, including stains, scratches, and mold. Corian is also durable and can withstand many types of damage, but it can scratch. Fortunately, Corian countertop refinishing can easily buff out or fill in those scratches to restore the look of the counters.

Pick The Right Heat Resistant Countertop

You are likely to put down a lot of hot pots and pans on your countertops while you are cooking. You might not always remember to use a pad or trivet, and you may not always want to be bothered.
Fortunately, both Corian and quartz have a high heat resistance. Quartz has the higher heat resistance of the two, and Corian can be burned or marked with very hot items. However, just as with scratching, it is quite easy to correct such blemishes. You just need to call in a Corian repair specialist for some quick buffing or sanding to get the countertops looking as good as new.

Seam or Seamless Counters

Most countertops have to be constructed of multiple pieces. Most kitchens do not consist of one long, uninterrupted flow of cabinets and countertops. Instead, multiple sections have to be pieced together, and holes have to be cut to make space for sinks and other items.
When quartz is joined, the seams are covered, but they are still visible. When Corian is joined, a special bonding adhesive is used that makes the seam all but invisible. The seam can also be sanded and buffed so that it blends entirely, giving the countertops the look of one single unit that has been cut to perfection.

Sustainable Countertops

Both quartz and Corian are generally eco-friendly in that they do not take up natural resources and they have a long lifespan, reducing the need to create new materials too quickly. Both use a mix of resins and other chemicals in their creation, but their manufacturing has a low impact and they are made in the United States, reducing their shipping footprint.

The Counters For You

Overall, whether or not quartz or Corian is the right material for your kitchen depends upon your own preferences. You may decide that you prefer the look of one over the other, or you may put emphasis on certain qualities of one over the other. Know that Corian comes in a wider variety of styles, it is easier and less expensive to install, and it is easier to maintain and repair over time.

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